• STRASBURGO(ストラスブルゴ)
  • STRASBURGO(ストラスブルゴ)
  • STRASBURGO(ストラスブルゴ)


Specialty store, STRASBURGO was founded in 1990.
Its concept is to seek for essence of manufacturing independent of so-called “symbolic mark”.

Since its foundation, with our watchword of “STRASBURGO QUALITY”, we have introduced to Japanese customers beautiful things,amazing things and exciting things including luxurious dressy clothes as well as fresh casual wear we have encountered in our activities for more than a quarter century.

It is to launch the original items from Strasburgo that we have committed our efforts more than ever.

It is the project to produce “masterpiece for Japanese”, going beyond an idea of the items originated from shop.
Only Strasburgo can execute it with experiences of exploring the world’s first-class items.
Please look forward to the items that will bring you empathy and surprise you have never experienced.

We, Strasburgo, are still on a long way of the journey to seek for unknown masterpieces, believing in sharing with our customers heart-moving excitement of the moment to encounter good things.